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Glass shop fronts: 3 things you should consider

March 14, 2018

We at Prism Glass have been glazing for 10 years and have installed many shop fronts including numerous Metro Banks branches in London. This month we were commission to produce and install a shop front for a local real estate company. As with all glass installation projects, no matter the size it is important to plan and to consider what it is you want to achieve. Here are 3 things you should consider when planning your shop front:


 Above: Shopfront design and fit by Prism Glass



1. Design


The design of your shop front is an important consideration as this is the first impression of your store, office or business. Having a glass front, will not only make you space look modern and fresh, it will allow customers to see or preview what is in the store. It should be inviting, so avoid excessive decorations, posters or manifestation placed on your shop front may look unappealing and cluttered. When inside, you want your customers to feel comfortable, so it is important there is plenty natural light coming in from your shop front. 



2. Practicality


Also consider the practicality of your shop front. Should the doors be hold open (better suited when you are located inside a shopping centre), or should these be self closing if you are exposed to the elements? Will you need double doors? Worth considering if you stock larger products or if you expect large numbers of people coming in and out the store at the same time.  If you stock valuable items, you will want to consider security, perhaps 2 or three locks are needed. You may also want to opt for security glass - glass panels with a tough plastic interlayer that even if cracked or broken will hold in position.



3. Quality and maintenance


Not only do you want your shop front to look good, but you also want it to be durable. For example, selecting quality locks will ensure your shop remains both secure and the locks will not become stiff or hard to open due to exposure to the elements or usage. If you have chosen self closing doors with floor springs or just basic hinges, the same applies, it is important these can withstand exposure to the elements. Also remember that the doors will be constantly opened and closed, so opting for Dorma ironmongery or similar quality door furniture although more expensive, will be less likely to break or become noisy over time. 


However, opting for quality materials and an experienced fitting team does not guarantee you will have a problem free glass shop front, it is important you regularly have your shop front door serviced. Should your glass become scratched or vandalised with graffiti you can use a company like Vetrox who can polish and repair glass on the spot, with minimal hassle and disruption to your business. 


Speak to a reputable glazing team and explain your requirements, they will be able to advice on the best options available based on their experience. We at Prism Glass will be more than delighted to meet you on site and assist you further with you glass shop front needs. We can also help repair glass doors and provide regular reliable maintenance services. 


For more information or a free, no obligation quote contact us today.




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