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5 great reasons to consider bi-folding doors

July 25, 2018

Recently Prism Glass installed bi-folding doors at the London Imperial College. The result was an open space, with easy, practical access to the external courtyard and more natural light. Due to their practicality and ability to link exteriors with interiors, bi-folding doors are becoming increasingly popular. They are ideal for homes with gardens or patios and commercial spaces, especially restaurants and cafes. 


In this article, we look at five reasons you may want to consider bi-folding doors in your home or commercial space.



Above: Bi-folding doors installed at Imperial College, London for Quest Interiors.



1. Seamless Integration


Bi-folding door can truly change a space. Continuous glass help integrate the exterior with the interior, it will give you a sense of open space. Moreover, by simply pushing the door panels to one side, you can have quick and easy access to the exterior and enjoy uninterrupted, seamless views.



2. More Natural Light


Whether closed or open, bi-folding doors are a great way to get more natural light into your home or commercial space. Natural light helps turn small dark areas into spacious, comfortable and inviting spaces, where you will want to spend more time. More natural light means you rely less on artificial lighting during the day



3. Contemporary and modern


Bi-folding doors can be a stunning feature, adding the “wow-factor” to space. Their simplicity, sleek-look and ability to change from a glass wall to discreetly tuck away creating a seamless open space can give any home or commercial space a modern contemporary look. There are many colours, styles and designs available. Whether you are looking for something to visually blend in or stand out, you can be confident you will find bi-folding doors that will suit your space and taste.



4. Easy to maintain


Aluminium and UPVC bi-folding doors are easy to clean and maintain. All that is required is cleaning with detergent like you would exterior windows or glass doors and occasionally lubricating locks, hinges and the runner to ensure the doors slide smoothly and with ease.



5. Space Saver


Bi-folding doors are real space savers. Unlike sliding doors, when open they are compact and take up very little space, as they concertina to one side of your opening. You literally can stack an entire wall discreetly to one side allowing people to move freely from one space to another. Depending on your space, bi-folding doors can be stacked either inside or outside, adding to their practicality.


Bi-folding doors integrate the interior with the exterior, offer more light and space, look contemporary, are easy to maintain and real space savers. If you would like to know more about bi-folding door installation or would like to discuss your project, please contact us today. 



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