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Armored Corner Protectors

Here at Prism Glass, Health and Safety, and the Environment are important to us. That is why we are advocates of products such as ARMORED Corner Protectors which help reduce breakage and injuries in the glass and glazing sector. As long as these protectors are not damaged, they can be re-used, reducing their impact on the environment. Moreover, when no longer usable or needed, they can be returned to ARMORED for recycling. However, why use corner protectors? Where and when can you use them? 

Why use ARMORED Corner Protectors on glass panels?


Generally speaking, glass weakest point is its corners, especially if the glass is toughened. ARMORED corner protectors help protect these fragile glass spots and site from damage while the glass is being handled, but more importantly, they help reduce injuries.


Handling glass with ARMORED corner protectors means:

  • Handlers can rest the glass on the floor no matter what the surface if they experience sudden or unexpected fatigue 

  • In the unexpected event of a trip or fall, while handling glass, the risk of injury is potentially reduced as the impact is absorbed and the sheet is more likely to remain intact (when the impact point is a corner). ARMORED has successfully tested a 2.2mx0.9m (12mm) toughened sheet on a protected corner from a 1m height without damage

  • While moving sheets of glass on site corners are less likely to cause damage to finished surfaces on site

  • Glass sheets can remain separate from each other while stored  - this can be especially beneficial for transporting glass

Corner protectors are easy to store in a van or site box, they can be re-used, and a must-have for glass manufacturers, transporters and installers.


Armored Corner Protectors Stand

Corner protector stand - a must for any glass transporting van and glazing toolbox


Where and when can ARMORED Corner Protectors be used?

ARMORED Corners Protectors are available in various sizes - 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 22mm, 28mm and 32mm - making it a flexible product, not just for the glass industry. ARMORED Corners Protector can be used to protect:

  • Glass in the glazing industry

  • High gloss panels such as those used in cabinet making and kitchens

  • Marble and granite slabs 


Also, there are many more applications. ARMORED Corners Protectors can be used while transporting, handling or carrying and storing glass making them a must for glass manufacturers, transporters and installers. Plus, as long as these protectors have not been damaged, they can be reused.



Purchasing ARMORED Corner Protectors

You can buy corner protectors or get more information from Prism Glass, simply complete our contact form or call 0208 947 8428 (office hours are Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm). 


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