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At Prism Glass, we aim to deliver all jobs to the highest standard, on time and within budget. Our management team can offer you expert advice on products and installation. We provide complete glass installation services, including measuring, design, project installation and fitting. Unlike many competitors who outsource their installation services, we manage our installation teams to ensure quality and efficiency. Contact us today for a free quote.


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Glass Partitioning




Since 2008, we have primarily worked in the glass partitioning industry, offering our glass installation services throughout the UK. We have worked with numerous partitioning systems and manufacturers, including Strähle (German-made Partitioning System), Fusion, JEB (Hong Kong Partitioning System), Lizzanno (Italian Partitioning System), CCF, QIC, Planet Partitions, Komfort, Bolhe, CR Laurence, Dirtt (US Partitioning System), Forza and many more.


Our team of experts are passionate about creating beautiful, inspiring spaces that improve productivity, comfort and privacy. We have worked with renowned contractors, including Lindner, St. Edward (part of the Berkley Group), JEB Partitions, Preedy Glass, Thirdway, and more. We also supply and install glass partitions for end-users, business owners, homeowners, and the public sector.


Contact us if you need help with your glass partition project or a glass partition estimate.

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Fire Rated and Acoustic Glass



Office glass walls have become increasingly popular due to their elegance and ability to provide privacy without losing transparency. Technological advancements and improved manufacturing processes mean that glass walls remain aesthetically pleasing and offer excellent acoustic privacy and fire resistance capabilities. We install both fire rated glass partitions and acoustic glass partitions

Fire-resistant glass systems help prevent the spread of flames and smoke, allowing occupants to evacuate a building. So it's essential to ensure that competent individuals carry out the internal glass wall installation. Correct installation methods must be used to meet building regulations. 

Acoustic glass partitions help reduce noise levels and improve privacy. Acoustic laminated glass panels have the same appearance and transparency as ordinary glass. A special interlayer (held between two bonded sheets of glass) reduces sound transmission. When an acoustic glass partition system is installed correctly and the surrounding areas have been correctly insulated, noise levels can be reduced significantly. 


Prism Glass supply and install switchable privacy partitions manufactured by SmartGlass International, a market leader in manufacturing switchable glass. Switchable privacy glass changes from opaque to clear with a quick flick of a switch, making it ideal for areas where you need total privacy on occasion. 

We've installed switchable privacy glass partitions in hotels, private residences, boardrooms, and offices. Contact us for more information, to request a quote or see a working sample.


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Swichable Privacy Glass
Structural glass




Glass balustrades are a structural system composed of glass panels that provide a safety barrier against falls. They also add sophistication and contemporary touch to any property, whether installed on stairs, landings or balconies. 


There is also a wide range of options, styles and finishes to suit all tastes and budgets. However, it's essential to consider safety and ensure you follow building regulations when using a glass balustrade.

We supply various glass balustrade systems, including framed, semi-framed and frameless, for exteriors and interiors. We also offer various installation services, including measuring, design drawings and installation. If you need assistance buying a glass balustrade system or require installation services, please call one of our friendly experts on 0208 947 8428 (office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm) or write to us.


We have extensive experience installing structural glass in multiple sites across the UK, including atrium glazing, glass balustrades, glass floors, glass wall cladding and more. We also have specially trained fitters with IPAF, harness training, working at heights, and PASMA to install atrium glass and glass balustrades (both commercial and domestic). You can be confident that our office team will gladly assist you with your structural glass installation project.

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Glass Balustrades




Glass shower screens offer a stylish contemporary feel to any bathroom while protecting against splashing and water. Many options and styles are available for both fittings and glass, including tint options. Glass screens can be framed or frameless. Layouts can include one just glass panel for walk-in purposes, a straight shower screen with or without a door, a cubical-style format and more.


We supply and install bespoke glass shower screens and bath screens for large projects. Our bespoke shower screens can be made to meet specifications and tastes. And we only use quality fixings and polished toughened safety glass


We have installed countless shower and bath screens, including over 200 bathrooms, at the prestigious 190 Strand development for St. Edward (part of the Berkley Group). If you are looking for a glass shower screens and bath screens supplier and installer, give us a call or write to us today.


We sell and install desk divider screens for office spaces and shop counter screens. Desk dividers help create a barrier to protect office employees by serving as an anti-cough screen. Our panels and screens are made using safety glass (not plastic or perspex), making them easy to wipe clean.


The fixing we use makes it easy to take down our desk divider screens and reuse them in other areas. No drilling screws into tables and worktops are required. Additionally, our desk partitions and dividers do not block light and can help reduce noise levels. For a free estimate please contact us, or visit our dedicated desk dividers and counter screens page.

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Glass shower screens and bath screens
Desk divider and counter screens



We supply and install glass whiteboards from The Glass Wipe Board Company. Whether you are looking for wall-mounted glass whiteboards (with hidden or visible fixings) or freestanding mobile glass whiteboards, all boards are made in Britain. 

Countless colour choices, finishes, and sizes make bespoke custom options possible. We also supply and install magnetic glass whiteboards, which allow you to write on the surface and pin notes or documents using magnets.



We supply mirrors in various colours and styles, including tinted and antique mirrors. Mirrors improve interiors by making a small space look bigger, reflecting light in dark rooms and adding a decorative feature in an otherwise dull area.


We also have installed glass splashbacks for larger projects, such as the Goodwood Estate project. Splashbacks protect wall surfaces from splashes and are easy to clean and enhance an interior design. We also offer measuring services for mirror and splashback installations. 

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Mirrors and glass splashbacks
Glass whiteboards
Site Surveys




We believe it's essential to work closely with our clients to help design an ideal working environment that practically and financially works for them. But, at times, it may be challenging to visualise what a space will look like once completed. That's why we at Prism Glass now offer design and drawing services (including 3D drawings), so you can see what your partitions will look like in your finished space.


You can be confident you have come to the right place when you talk to our in-house team of experts who offer a wealth of experience and technical expertise. Let us know if you need design and drawing services for your next glass installation project.


We have experienced maintenance teams who can repair glass doors, replace broken glass panels, and fix any damaged partition walls, glass balustrades and more. Our fleet of fully equipped vans means we can provide replacement materials and address needed repairs quickly in and around Greater London.


We have teamed up with Vetrox® (Glass Surface Technologies), who offer on-the-spot repair and restoration of damaged glass surfaces, including scratches, graffiti, scores, chemical burns and marks. The portable Vetrox® system can be used on-site in building constructions, shop fronts and house windows.


Site surveys are an essential part of planning any glass installation project. We check access areas for safe distribution and storage of materials, delivery requirements, potential hazards and other necessary information to ensure the installation can occur safely and efficiently. Once the glazing track has been installed, our surveyors will measure the installation areas to acquire glass panel sizes and the positioning of each panel in preparation for production.


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Design and CAD drawings
Maintenance and repairs

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