Desk panels and counter screens have become increasingly popular, especially with many employers and businesses concerned about employee and customer safety. We, at Prism Glass, now supply and install desk panels in Wimbledon and Greater London. Our glass desk panels are made of quality fixings and toughened safety glass.


They are easy to wipe and hygienically clean. Plus, they are quick to install, easy to move and our fast delivery service means you can get your desk panels and counter screens within 5-7 working days.

Why use desk panels and dividers?

Desk partitions and dividers can assist in providing a barrier between desks to protect office employees by serving as an anti sneeze guard and anti-cough screen. They offer staff an additional level of protection and help provide distancing within the office space. 


Our desk panels and counter screens:

  • Can help protect staff and customers

  • Are hygienic, easy to clean and maintain

  • Are made using quality toughened safety glass and fixings

  • Are available in various sizes

  • Can be made with bespoke cutouts

  • Are suitable for most desks and counters

  • Do not restrict or block light

  • Can help reduce noise levels and increase privacy

  • Fast and free delivery to London addresses (5-7 working days)

  • Quick installation service


Our desk dividers and counter screens are versatile and can also be used on most office desk, or even countertops. They are also easy to remove or re-arranged if required (except for our fixed desk panels and counter screens which need drilling into worktops). 


We provide three types of desk dividers or counter screens:

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Desk panel for call centre staff



Desk panel clamp


Clamped desk panels are mounted to the edge of tables, desks or countertops, and are fixed by tightening clamps. There are no permanent fixings, no screws and no drilling with this system. This means these desk dividers can be easily moved or re-arranged at a later date. Tabletops or countertops must have a minimum thickness of 18mm and a maximum thickness of 36mm. The glass panel thickness can vary from 4mm to 10mm. Maximum panel dimensions: 1,600mm width X 800mm height. Other restrictions apply. Clamp currently available in black.

Desk panel using clamps


Above: Glass desk panel fixed using clamps (no screws or drilling required)

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Free-standing desk panels (round plate base)

The free-standing desk panel requires no permanent fixings and no screws. This desk divider system has a 16cm round base that is placed on a flat surface; screens can be easily re-arranged or removed at a later date if needed. The glass panel thickness can vary from 4mm to 10mm. Maximum glass panel dimensions: 1,600mm width X 800mm height. Other restrictions apply. Clamp currently available in black.

Free standing desk panel


Above: Free-standing desk glass panel (round plate as a base, no screws or drilling)

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Fixed desk panels and counter screens


Our fixed desk panels can also serve as counter screens. This system requires drilling screws to tables, desks or countertops to secure fixings. Usually, two fixings are needed at the end of each panel; each fixing requires three screws. Panels can have a maximum width of 1,200mm, and a maximum height of 800mm. Glass panel thickness must be 8mm to 10mm. Cutouts can be made, so customers can access card machines or make payments. Other restrictions, such as weight restrictions apply to this system. 

Fixed desk or counter panel


Above: Fixed desk panels which can also serve as counter screens (drilling required)

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Where can desk panels and counter screens be fitted?


Our desk panels are suitable for most desks. Being transparent, they do not block light and are less noticeable, while helping provide employees with a protective screen. They are ideal for both large open plan offices and small offices, including:


  • General office spaces

  • Serviced offices or shared offices

  • Between desks  

  • Office receptions

  • Call centres


Our counter screens create a shield between cashiers and customers. There are other benefits too, find out more about other reasons to consider using desk panels and screens in our handy blog guide. Screens can be installed on most countertops, including:


  • Reception desks

  • Shops and supermarkets counters

  • Take away counters

  • Pharmacies

  • Dental and veterinary practices

  • Checkout areas

  • Waiting rooms

  • Libraries and more

Why choose Prism Glass when installing desk panels?


We have been in the Glass Partitioning industry for over ten years, so we know where to source materials quickly and efficiently. We can also survey and measure your space to ensure screens fit and are suitable. We have an experienced team of glass fitters who will be able to install your desk glass panels both quickly and safely.

Fast and free delivery to London addresses (5-7 working days).

For any enquiries, estimates or if you would like to discuss your project contact us today, or call on 0208 947 8428 (office hours are Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm)

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