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Waterloo Station (London), glass balustrade installation

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In 2012, London hosted the Olympic Games. Many changes, improvements and upgrades were made in the city in preparation for the Games. Prism Glass was tasked with installing glass balustrades in the entire upper tier of London Waterloo Station in preparation for the London Olympic Games. The work was completed on time and as specified by the client. The same glass balustrades are still visible and in use today.


Most glass balustrades systems are elegant and unobtrusive. Therefore easy to incorporate into modern interior designs and exteriors. They work well on stairs, landings and balconies. Glass balustrades can be used in residential homes, retail spaces, office areas, public buildings and commercial buildings. Plus, they are also relatively quick to install and replace if needed.


There are three main types of glass balustrade styles and fixings - framed, semi-framed and frameless balustrades. The fixings you choose will affect not only the appearance and style but also the strength of your balustrades, the type of glass used and thickness. Glass panels can be installed using a shoe base system or u-channel fixed to the floor, clamped between posts, set as infill panels and more.


Frameless glass balustrades glass are particularly popular due to their minimal look and unobstructed views. This option usually requires laminated toughened glass (two toughened glass sheets with an internal safety interlayer). The glass panel is held in position at the base using a u-channel securely fixed to the floor and a handrail or similar at the top. The base can be exposed or hidden below floor level or side fixed for a more minimalistic appearance.


The most important consideration is safety and ensuring you follow building regulations. If you plan to install glass railings, or if you need help with the wide range of systems and fixings available, why not contact Prism Glass today? We have years of experience installing glass balustrades in London and throughout the UK.

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