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4 Reasons to use desk glass panels and screens

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

As lockdown restrictions are lifted in the UK, many businesses will be looking to get back up and running. As part of the process, careful consideration will be needed to ensure the health and well-being of employees and customers. 

Among many other methods used to return to work safely, some businesses, shops and offices are using screens and barriers. Desk panels and counter screens can be useful in providing a form of social distancing, and an additional level of protection. They can be used in common areas to protect staff and customers, for example, offices, receptions, shop counters and checkout areas.

Desk glass panel with film
Above: Desk glas panel with glass film to help keep staff distanced.

As a result of the recent increased demand, we at Prism Glass supply and install desk panels and counter screens. We use toughened glass for our desk partitions and screens, to find out more about toughened glass see our blog “What is the difference between Float Glass, Toughened Glass and Laminate Glass?”. This is among other glass installation services that we offer, some of which include glass partitioning, balustrades, atrium glass screens, mirrors, splashbacks and bespoke glass shower screens. 

Apart from the protective barrier that desk panels and partitions help create, there are other benefits. In this article, we look at four reasons why you may want to consider using desk glass panels in your workplace.

1. Desk panels provide versatility and are easy to change

Desk dividers and counter screens are versatile as they can be used on most types of desks and countertops. They are also easy to install, remove or re-arranged if required, this is because most use a freestanding non-fixed base or clamps attached to the sides of tabletops and desks.

Some panels systems do require fixing or drilling into desks, counters or even ceilings. If these types of desk screens are removed, the drill holes will be visible and require filling - so it is worth considering a glass panel system that does not need drilling. This type of system will also be quicker to install and remove if needed in the future.

Glass panels can be made to fit and adjusted to specific sizes, most systems do have a maximum size and weight restrictions for safety reasons. Also, bespoke cutouts in glass are possible; this may be particularly handy for card machines and payment points at shop counters.

Free standing desk panel
Above: Glass panel for office desk with a solid square base (no drilling required). Supplied by Prism Glass.
Glass screen using clamps
Above: Glass panel in an office reception area, fixed by clamping (no drilling required). Supplied by Prism Glass.

2. Desk glass panels enhance privacy

Privacy can be achieved using glass manifestation or film, which can be applied to desk glass partitions - for example, frosted glass film. Privacy between each desk can be achieved without blocking light or making a space feel cramped or tight. Glass panels and the use of film can help protect sensitive information on computer screens from being easily visible to others, especially in an open-plan office.

Glass can help reduce sound transmission, although it is relatively limited when it comes to desk panels and screens (glass has a natural level of sound insulation). Sound insulation can be achieved when glass screens are fitted from floor to ceiling, and appropriate steps are taken insulate all areas, the right materials and specifications are used. If you are interested in reducing sound transmission in an office using glass walls, you can find out more about acoustic glass partitions and how sound is measured in our Acoustic glass partitions guide.

3. Glass is elegant and modern

Glass is elegant, modern and unintrusive. Unlike regular, solid walls and panels, glass is transparent, so light is not blocked. Views are not obstructed, so spaces look more open and less “cluttered”. Desk glass panels can also be used to enhance space by using film to compliment branding or add colour to enhance an interior design.

Glass counter screen in reception
Above: Full length glass counter screen with cutout in reception area. Supplied by Prism Glass.

4. Glass is easy to maintain and clean

The desk partitions and counter screens supplied by Prism Glass are made of toughened glass, making them easy to wipe and maintain hygienically clean. Most household cleaning products can be used to wipe the glass down; alcohol-based disinfectants can also be used. Remember to always read the label before using certain cleaning materials. If you have opted for film or another type of glass coating you should check with your supplier what can be used to clean the glass.

In conclusion, desk panels and counter screens can be used to create a barrier to protect both staff and customers. They are easy to wipe down and maintain clean. They can be installed quickly in just about any commercial space where there is a countertop or a desk, and easily adapted to bespoke needs, including sizes and cutouts. Desk panels and screens made of glass can offer a level of privacy, without blocking light or making a space look cluttered and can be used to enhance an interior.

We at Prism Glass provide three types of desk dividers or counter screens:

  • Glass panels fixed with clamps (no drilling required)

  • Freestanding glass panels with a base plate (no drilling required)

  • Fixed glass panel and screens (drilling required)

For more information, see our desk panels and counter screens page. Or for a free estimate call us on 0208 947 8428 (office hours are Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm), or send us a message.

About the writer: Paulo Ferreira has extensive experience in project management and worked at Prism Glass for two years, where he managed glass installation projects and day to day operations. He also has extensive experience in financial services. His skills include graphic design, branding, content marketing and blogging.

Note: All content, including blogs, images, drawings and posts on this website are for general information and guidance only. Content is not intended to form any part of a contract and is subject to change without notice as expressed in the website's Terms of Use.

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