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Ferrari Show Room (Leeds), glass partitions and screens

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Prism Glass was entrusted with installing the glass screens and doors at the Ferrari showroom in Leeds. The project was fitted using smoke coloured, tinted glass panels to create a minimalistic yet sophisticated interior. The grey-tinted glass partitions provided a level of transparency, allowing spaces to flow and merge while creating just the right touch of privacy and colour to the interior design.


There is much that glass offers in terms of colours, finishes and effects. Clear toughened glass is widely used in partitions; there is also the option to use low iron glass. Low iron glass (also called extra-clear glass or optically clear glass) has less iron, so it is more transparent than "normal" clear glass. Low iron glass can improve transparency by 5 to 6 per cent, and there is less of a greenish tint present with standard clear glass, particularly when viewed from the side or with thicker glass panels. Other popular glass tints include green, blue, bronze and grey, as used in the Leeds Ferrari showroom (tints can also be customised).


Another glass effect option is sandblasting, or satin (or acid) treated glass. Sandblasting is usually used on smaller areas of a glass panel, for example, on lettering or a logo. This is done using a stencil and blowing sand or grit at high pressure. For larger areas or full coverage, satin or acid-treated glass will provide a more uniform finish - some interlayers used in laminate glass can create a similar visual effect.


Coloured glass using an interlayer is another option; glass panels can still keep their transparent or translucent characteristics. Some interlayer colourant systems allow for hundreds of colour options and variations. Back painted glass (generally used on products such as glass wipe boards) is an alternative, but worth bearing in mind the colour is solid, so the glass will not be transparent and may not let light flow through. There is also digital printing using ceramic inks and vinyl manifestation, allowing for countless design options.


If you are looking to install tinted glass panels as was done for this project in Leeds, or coloured glass or other bespoke features in your glass office walls or home glass partitions, give us a call on +44 (0)208 947 8428 for a free quote or contact us. We work with various suppliers who manufacture bespoke and artistic glass, such as Float Glass Design, ToughGlass and more. We will be happy to talk you through options available, installation methods and more.

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