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190 Strand (London), bespoke shower and bath glass screens

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Prism Glass worked directly with the main contractor, St. Edward (part of the Berkley Group), on this luxury London development. All shower and bath screens were unique. Prism Glass measured all bathroom glazing areas in preparation for the production of the glass panels. Over 200 bathrooms were surveyed, measured and installed.

The glass screens varied, included walk-in shower screens with u-channels and glass doors, as well as swing bath screens. For the glass shower doors, self-closing hinges were used, and for a minimal look, finger pulls or holes with polished edges were used instead of door handles. 


There is a lot to consider when installing a shower screen. One factor is shower door sizes, and these usually vary from 500 mm to a max of 1,000 mm. Wider doors will be heavier, so appropriate support and fixings will be required. However, larger doors do tend to look better aesthetically and provide easier access. 

You will also need to decide if you prefer door handles or finger pull cutouts as used on the 190 Strand project. Cutouts can be circular, rectangular, square with round corners and more. Care needs to be taken where these are positioned and size, not only for practicality but also for stopping water splashing out. 

Another factor worth thinking about is the glazing track or shower screen channel. For a more minimal look, this can be cut into the floor and wall and hidden away. This process can be costly due to the additional time required to cut into the surface areas and the risk of damage.


Another option is to leave the track exposed. Or otherwise, choose a bespoke colour for your shower trims or channel that match your bathroom decor - see examples of bespoke shower screens and frames on our guide: Bespoke Shower Screens by Prism Glass.


For more examples of bespoke glass shower screens, bath screens, and splashbacks, see the Goodwood Estate Project for Preedy Glass. If you need a quote or more advice on your bespoke glass shower enclosure project, please feel free to contact us.


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