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  • Paulo Ferreira

Bespoke Shower Screens by Prism Glass

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Prism Glass (based in Wimbledon, London) has worked on numerous bespoke shower screens projects since its inception in 2008. Recently Prism Glass was commissioned to measure, supply and fit bespoke bath screens, shower screens and frames on behalf of renowned architect Andrew Moor. This project included sourcing shower gold trims to match the existing decor.

Walk-in shower screen with gold trims
Above: Bespoke shower screen with gold trims, install on behalf of Andrew Moor Associates

Bespoke glass bath shower screen
Above: Bespoke glass bath shower screen, install on behalf of Andrew Moor Associates

Another significant bespoke bath and shower screen project was the recently completed 190 Strand - a luxury development of apartments and penthouses located in the heart of London. Over 200 bathrooms were surveyed and installed, each different and unique. Prism Glass supplied the glass shower screens, bath screens, and installation services, on behalf of the main contractor St. Edward (part of the Berkley Group). More information on 190 Strand, Bespoke Shower Screen Install.

Bespoke Shower Screen at 190 Strand
Above: Custom shower screens with hinge doors, install on behalf of St. Edward

Nowadays, there are many options and styles available when it comes to designing a bespoke shower; these include fittings, glass and layout. Here are some of the more common shower glass screen layouts we have worked with to date: Bath shower screen:

This the most common option as most homes have a bath with a shower. The bath screen sits on top of the bath edge and usually swings open for easy access. It protects the rest of the bathroom from splashes, water and is a great alternative to using a shower curtain. Walk-in shower:

As the name implies, this option does not have a door allowing you to literally walk-in and usually consists of one large panel (although this depends on the layout of the bathroom). Straight shower screen enclosure (Framed and frameless):

This shower usually has three solid walls and glass shower door. Or for wider openings, a glass panel or two and a door (as a straight line screen). Shower cubicle (Framed and frameless):

These are square or rectangular, where usually two sides are glass, and the other two sides are solid walls. Thus, this style shower is installed in the corner of a bathroom. There are many glass door options for the shower cubicle including bi-folding doors, hinge doors and pivot doors. This option is usually the ideal “space saver”. When deciding on what options to use for your bespoke shower enclosure, it is essential to determine what look you want to achieve, space and functionality. When you research prices, remember cheap is not always best in the long run. Be sure to you use a reputable fitting company with extensive experience in glass shower screen install. If you need help with deciding the layout of your custom glass shower enclosure, specifications, glass measurements and more, please contact us. Remember we also install mirrors and splashbacks. To see our full list of services, please visit our services page. If you want to discuss a glass project with us, please use our contact us form.

About the writer: Paulo Ferreira has extensive experience in project management and worked at Prism Glass for two years, where he managed glass installation projects and day to day operations. He also has extensive experience in financial services. His skills include graphic design, branding, content marketing and blogging.

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