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Imperial College (London), atrium structural glass installation

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Prism Glass was tasked with the structural glazing of all eight floors of the newly built atrium area at Imperial College. The works included installing the metal structure in preparation for the internal glass walls for each floor. Once the metal track was fixed into the structure of the building, the glass panels were installed to form a seamless screen looking into the atrium area.


The glass panels were installed using glass vacuum lifters and glazing robots. Due to the nature and complexity of the atrium structural glass installation, strict adherence to safety requirements was a must with zero risks taken. The atrium glass installation was completed on time and as required by the client.


An atrium is a large open area within a building. Atriums are often several floors high in modern construction and located at the front or main entrance of office and commercial buildings. Atriums are similar to internal courtyards, usually covered by a glass roof or skylight, allowing for the free flow of natural light while giving a building an impressive sense of space and height. Atriums and courtyards areas are also becoming increasingly popular in larger residential buildings, hotels and apartments blocks.


Structural glass walls used in internal courtyards and atrium areas allow maximum transparency and light while giving a space a minimal design feel. There is a wide range of options available, including framed and frameless glass walls. While adding to the aesthetic beauty, these structural glass walls also form a safety barrier, so appropriate safety standards and building regulations must be followed.


The installation at Imperial College is just one of many atrium glass projects installed by Prism Glass. If you are looking to install structural glass walls, balustrades, or glass partition walls, or if you need a glazing estimate, why not contact Prism Glass today? We are the trusted glazing specialist in London; we have the experience and knowledge needed to help you with your glass installation project.


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