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Andrew Moor Associates (London), feature marble glass wall

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Prism Glass was contracted by Andrew Moor Associates. The feature wall panels consisted of 4 marble stone sheets bonded to the glass. Backlighting was used to accentuate the translucent quality of the marble.


One of the main challenges during the installation was the sear weight of the panels. Each panel weighed over 300 kg and had to be carried to the installation area. Bespoke steel frames also had to be designed and manufactured. These had to be strong enough to ensure the panels could be fixed and secured to the wall.

Andrew Moor is a world-renown glass architect and freelance artist with over 35 years of experience. He uses a variety of glass techniques and styles, making his work unique and bold. Prism Glass has worked with Andrew Moor on a variety of glass features and art projects, to ensure that the installation meets the exceptions of both the artist and client.

We also work with Float Glass Design, who are specialists in designing and producing bespoke textured glass. All their work is handmade. Established in 2004, due to their unique and artistic approach, they have become one of the UK's best-known creative architectural glass manufacturers. 

Glass is versatile; it can be manufactured and applied in various ways. Glass can be coloured, tinted, or stained. Countless texture and pattern possibilities can be applied, and glass surfaces can also be finished in various ways. Glass can be machine manufactured or hand-produced. It can also be bonded to a variety of materials, including stone, as was the case with this project.


If you want to install a unique glass feature in your home or commercial space or looking for something different, why not contact Prism Glass today? We have installed a variety of unique, artistic glass projects throughout the UK. Our office team will be able to assist you with your glass installation project needs. We also have extensive industry knowledge and contacts, and we can provide you with access to a variety of glass products and manufacturers.


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Prism Glass are preferred fitters for Andrew Moor Associates. 

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