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  • Paulo Ferreira

Working with Andrew Moor Associates

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Andrew Moor is well known for his architectural unique glass art and designs. In 1984, he founded Andrew Moor Associates. To date, he has created many works for both public and private display in locations across Europe, Asia and the US. His knowledge of what can be achieved using glass, along with his creativity, has resulted in a truly unique and captivating glass artwork. Working with an artist like Andrew Moor has provided us at Prism Glass with many exciting challenges and opportunities to assist with the installation process using our experience. We previously completed a glass artwork installation on behalf of Andrew Moor Associates, in St. James Street, London. For this project, bespoke frames were required. These were fixed to the wall to hold the three glass panels in place. LED panels were installed behind the glass screen to distribute backlighting and to create the final effect.

Glass artwork installation in St. James Street London
Above: Glass artwork installation on behalf of Andrew Moor Associates

Prism Glass has completed numerous other works for Andrew Moor Associates. These include the glass feature wall at Middlesex Street, London. This creative, yet complex work is composed of layers of mirror and sandblasted glass sheets.

Glass feature wall at Middlesex Street, London
Above: Glass and Mirror feature wall installation on behalf of Andrew Moor Associates

Working with Andrew Moor has allowed us to work with various materials too, not just glass. The marble feature wall below composed of 4 marble panels bonded to the glass, with each panel weighing over 300 kilograms. Prism Glass were tasked with the installation of the metals frames, offload and installation of the marble panels.

Marble glass feature wall
Above: Marble and glass feature wall installation on behalf of Andrew Moor Associates

We were also tasked with the installation of the beautiful and captivating glass features at the Mayfair Hotel bar in London. One of the features included the 16-metre long curved bar-front.

If you need help with a glass installation project of your own, contact us today. Alternatively, call us on 0208 947 8428 (office hours are Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm). We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and help.

About the writer: Paulo Ferreira has extensive experience in project management and worked at Prism Glass for two years, where he managed glass installation projects and day to day operations. He also has extensive experience in financial services. His skills include graphic design, branding, content marketing and blogging.

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