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Feature glass and mirror wall installation

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

We at Prism Glass, don't just get involved with office glass partitioning and installation projects; we install just about anything involving glass for both residential and commercial use. This includes glass partitions, balustrades, mirrors, atriums, shower screens, splash-backs and more.

We were contracted by Andrew Moor Associates to install a glass feature wall for the office reception at Middlesex Street, London. Andrew Moor Associates was founded in 1984, and since they have become internationally recognised specialist glass art consultants.

This feature is composed of layered mirror panels and sandblasted glass bonded together. LED lights behind the glass provide the backlight. Prism Glass installed the frame and glass feature wall.

Great care and attention to detail were required to install this unique glass feature to the site. One of the challenges was the weight involved and ensuring the glass was carried safely, before being positioned. An adequate frame had to be built and installed to hold the glass in place.

Glass Wall Feature at Middlesex Street
Glass wall art feature, installed on behalf of Andrew Moor Associates

We have been privileged to be tasked with many other glass art installation projects by Andrew Moor Associates, including the beautiful 16-metre long glass curved bar at the Mayfair Hotel in London and a marble glass wall feature. Other architects and interior design companies have also contracted us to install their glass projects. We take pride in our workmanship, delivering jobs to the highest standard, and we were delighted with the results here at Middlesex Street.

If you want to discuss a glass project with us, please use our contact us form or call 0208 947 8428. We have the experience and knowledge to assist with your glazing needs. Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

About the writer: Paulo Ferreira has extensive experience in project management and worked at Prism Glass for two years, where he managed glass installation projects and day to day operations. He also has extensive experience in financial services. His skills include graphic design, branding, content marketing and blogging.

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