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Bevis Marks (London), privacy smart glass partition

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Prism Glass was tasked with installing a switchable privacy glass partition screen in central London, Bevis Marks. The glass partition wall was installed in the boardroom of a newly refurbished office. Installation included two switchable privacy glass doors mounted on self-closing hinges and door handles.


The system was later incorporated with the rooms' light dimmers and exterior window shutters to create complete privacy and facilitate presentations. The project was completed to the required deadline and client specifications.


Using switchable privacy glass in a boardroom or meeting room can offer on-demand privacy and confidentiality. With the simple flick of a switch, a glass wall screen can change from transparent to opaque within a second. Switchable glass partitions are ideal for boardrooms and meeting rooms as these, due to sensitive meetings, VIP visitors, confidential presentations and certainly a way to impress clients. Switchable glass partitions can turn a standard meeting room into a dynamic and multipurpose room.


As was done with this project, electronic glass screens can be connected to existing lighting systems. Privacy smart glass can be turned on and off by remote control via timers or motion detector systems. These glass panels use low voltage electrical currents and eliminate the need for floor to ceiling glass manifestation.


Privacy switchable glass are also a practical option for hospitals and other similar medical settings. Transparent screens allow staff to check up on and monitor patients from the outside of a room with the touch of a button, reducing in or out movement and unnecessary close contact. The glass panels are easy to clean and a hygienic alternative to curtains or movable screens.


There is also a wide range of design options, including tinted and coloured glass, curved privacy glass and more. If you want to know more, see a working sample or get a no-obligation quote for privacy switchable glass, please contact our expert glass partition team  today.


For other similar projects, see Privacy switchable smart glass for Red Bull (Milton Keynes)  and SAP curved privacy switchable smart glass (Slough).


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