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SAP (Slough),

curved switchable privacy glass partition


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The client wanted to "close" the circular room by adding a curved privacy glass screen and two switchable glass doors. First, the area was surveyed and measured to establish the radius of the existing curved walls. The partition profiles and glass could be curved to match the room, creating a complete circle.


Once the curved glazing track had been manufactured, the profiles were powder coated to match the glass partitions on the rest of the floor and installed. The curved switchable glass panels were manufactured by SmartGlass International and delivered to the site in Slough along with the panels for the doors. The doors were built on-site and installed with the curved glass screen. 


The client was please with the outcome and stated: "Great job all, looks stunning and looking forward to working with you again". 


Privacy switchable glass screens can change from translucent to opaque at the touch of a button, and the change is virtually instant. It's a great way of getting privacy or opacity when you need it. It helps keep a space dynamic and functional without blocking light. Plus, it's an alternative to manifestation (or vinyl frosting) on partitions, blinds and curtains.

Privacy glass consists of a liquid crystal film, which allows the molecules to align when an electric current is present, making it look clear. The film is then laminated between two sheets of clear, toughened glass. The panels require a low voltage electrical current. When it is turned off, the aligned molecules return to a random state making the glass opaque. 


Privacy switchable partitions can be used in a variety of ways. For example, in residential homes to block out sunshine when needed, at universities during lectures, or at workplaces for meeting rooms. 


We, at Prism Glass, have installed numerous switchable privacy partitions, and we are the approved SmartGlass International glass fitters in London. If you need ideas for your home or workplace, or if you have questions about privacy switchable glass, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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