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WeWork Tower Bridge (London), glass office partitioning

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Prism Glass was tasked with installing the JEB partitioning system (made in Hong Kong) at the new WeWork offices. This mammoth glazing project was located at International House, Tower Bridge - a prestigious office location in London. The installation area covered two floors and more than a thousand linear metres of glass partitioning.


Work commenced as soon as the glazing profiles were delivered to the site. Prism Glass measured the entire glazing area, panel by panel, in preparation for production. The glass door frames were also measured, cut and assembled on site. This glass office project included sliding doors, hinged doors and security doors with electromagnetic locks.

The project was completed within ten weeks, as required by the client. To complete this project, up to 20 fitters were used on site a day. Project planning and regular communication between the teams and the client were a must. Our management team were regularly on site to ensure progress was on schedule and quality standards met.

Glass walls help give any space a modern, contemporary and open feel - whether used in commercial spaces or homes. Glass partitions also help divide spaces and create privacy without blocking light or making areas looks small. Glazed walls offer more than aesthetics; they are also functional. For example, acoustic glass and double glazing helps reduce noise levels, and fire rated glass partitions help prevent the spread of fire and hot gasses or smoke.

Prism Glass also completed the glazing work at WeWork London Fields (Keltan House), WeWork Mansion House in Queen Street and WeWork Waterhouse Square.


See also the Whittington House glass partitioning installation and the Ferrari showroom in Leeds for similar glass partitions projects.


Large glass office partition projects require dedication and expertise. If you need assistance with a glass partition project or if you need a cost estimate, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


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